Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sweet Fruit

A grapefruit decided that it wanted to be sweet. So it rolled around in sugar for awhile.

Rolling around in sugar was a novel, exciting experience for the bitter fruit. It had no idea what it was like to be sweet. Sweetness, the grapefruit decided, was equivalent to joy.

The fruity grapefruit continued to roll around, collecting sweet crystals of sugar on the surface of its bitter skin. It loved the sweetness of each little granule of sugar, and it loved the sweet crunching sounds that it made as it rolled over those granules.

After some time, the grapefruit realized that it was now the sweetest grapefruit in the world. It mailed itself to the staff at the Guinness Book of World Records, hoping to be listed in the "Sweetest Grapefruit" category.

The Guinness Book folks received a package, which they opened to reveal a grapefruit covered in sugar. "Sweet!" they said. Then they sliced the grapefruit and ate it, peel and all.


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