Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Stuck in a Grapefruit

Being stuck inside a grapefruit is no fun. It's so bitter inside of grapefruits that I can't imagine anyone surviving it.

If you get stuck inside of a grapefruit, don't panic. Find the sharpest object that you have with you (e.g. your car keys). Move toward the edge of the grapefruit, and begin poking.

Poke the grapefruit peel as hard as you can, and don't stop. Don't give up. Eventually you'll be able to get out of there. I know that grapefruit peel can be tough, but it's not impossible to break. You'll get out eventually.


Blogger golfwidow said...

How can you avoid getting squirted in the eye?

1:35 PM  
Blogger an orange said...

I would squeeze my eyes shut as tightly as possible. There is no real way to avoid it, though, because grapefruits are so large and pulpy.

12:36 PM  

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