Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Unforbidden Fruit

It is fortunate that Adam and Eve were tempted by an apple, rather than by a grapefruit. Had they been tempted by a grapefruit, they may never have left the Garden of Eden.

The grapefruit is a bitter fruit that may appear to be the root of all evil upon first taste. However, the grapefruit is not really evil; it is merely bitter. Bitterness is often assumed to be correlated with evil, an assumption that leads to misrepresentation.

Imagine Adam and Eve enjoying the bitter bitterness of a ripe grapefruit. They are delighted in the bitter taste because it is unlike anything they have ever tasted. They are afraid that God will punish them for their bitter acts, but in reality, God continues to smile down on them because they are enjoying an unforbidden fruit.


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