Friday, April 01, 2005

Good for you?

Foods that taste awful tend to be good for you. Everyone can and should admit that dark, green leafy vegetables taste awful. We just trick ourselves into thinking that they taste good, because we know we should be eating them.

Grapefruits naturally fall into the category of "foods that taste awful". In fact, they taste more than awful; they taste bitterly awful. Their taste leads me to suspect that they may be very good for health.

It's interesting because grapefruit seems to be used medicinally in many ways. There was a grapefruit diet that used to be popular years ago. There are doctors and alternative health practitioners who recommend grapefruit for various ailments.

Grapefruit is also supposed to have effects on some medications, according to recent studies.

So, you be the judge. Are grapefruits good for you? I think they are, but that doesn't mean that I will eat them. They are just too bad-tasting.


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